Shane & Nicola’s beautiful Collisheen Wedding

Their speeches moved me to tears at times! That’s one of the reasons I love my job so much. I get to hear the most amazing stories about life! I get to capture moments- special, fleeting little moments where literally a picture says a thousand words.  To me a picture says more than words can say. I got to capture this wedding with the amazing Elana Schilz! Loved working with her! So let me not use my words to describe this wedding and let the pictures do  the talking….

Nicola-001 Nicola-002 Nicola-003 Nicola-004

Nicola-005 Nicola-006 Nicola-007 Nicola-008 Nicola-009 Nicola-010 Nicola-011 Nicola-012



Nicola-016 Nicola-017 Nicola-018 Nicola-020 Nicola-021 Nicola-022 Nicola-023 Nicola-024 Nicola-025 Nicola-026 Nicola-028 Nicola-029 Nicola-030 Nicola-031 Nicola-032 Nicola-033 Nicola-034