Ahmed & Fathima become Mr and Mrs!

It’s been a while since I’ve blogged. Somehow my time just gets consumed by so many other things that blogging takes a back seat. I hope to change that! So here is the first one of hopefully many more blogs to come!

One of the things I love about my job is the beautiful people I get to meet. I get thrown into people’s worlds on a day that is easily one of the most memorable in their lives. It’s an honour which I don’t take lightly. I loved hearing Ahmed and Fathima’s story of how they met. Fathima needed a helping hand and Ahmed was there to rescue her. Fathima had caught his eye! The rest is history! The two had a connection and it didn’t take long for them to tie the knot!

Within a few months the dress was designed, the wedding was planned and the Crescent Hall was being transformed into a beautifully chic fairytale by the uber-talented Cameron from Lifestyle Decor. At the same time Fathima and her sisters were being glammed up by the lovely Shenaaz Osman (hair) and Jenna from The Face Factory. If you ever need hair and make up done, these girls have skills!

Guests were treated with a feast for the taste buds with Chilli Chocolate Chef’s magical creations. I loved their personalized food boards made specially for Ahmed & Fathima! These are the things that make weddings – the little unique, personal touches.

Fathima’s Wedding dress was also a unique, personal touch. How often can you say that the bride designed her own wedding dress? Thousands and thousands of tiny little beads strung together and stitched on to the dress by hand made for hours of work. A real labour of love! Thankfully Fathima got to wear the dress again for their post wedding shoot at Durban Manor Hotel, a landmark hotel rich in architectural detail and antiques. Needless to say we had a blast doing their post wedding shoot.

Here is a little look into Ahmed & Fathima’s memorable day!