Pieter & Julia’s Granny Mouse Wedding

Where do I even begin! … This couple…this wedding…this venue! If I could clone this wedding, I would! Pieter, a braai-loving helicopter pilot, proposed to his swimming coach bride at the gorgeous Granny Mouse. It was in this quaint little chapel that Pieter asked the beautiful Julia to be Mrs Massyn and a few months later they said their “I do’s” in this very same chapel! What a fitting venue for this couple’s story!

These two lovely humans met a few years ago so it was a standing joke that Julia’s answer to the “Will you marry me?” question was “About damn time”! I snuck a glance at the guests in the chapel during the vows and saw more than a couple of tissues appearing during this beautiful moment! Both bride and groom are fun-loving, open, sociable and have an amazing sense of humour! Their guests were equally fun loving which meant there was never a dull moment. I walked away from this wedding and said to my assistant “I have never laughed so much at a wedding ever!” That is why I want to clone this wedding.

Entering Granny Mouse’s bridal suite that morning, the mood was festive. There was laughter, champagne and a lot of sisterly love. Julia’s glam squad were working their magic – curling hair, applying blusher and entertaining everyone along the way too! But by far my favourite moment was seeing the overwhelming sense of love, pride and happiness as Julia’s dad walked into the room. There was a lot of “I’m not gonna cry… I’m not gonna cry… My make up is done to perfection… I’m not gonna cry!” …but eventually… no one could stop the tears from rolling down their cheeks! (Yes I may have shed a tear too!)

Off we went to go and find the groom and his best men and it didn’t take us long to locate them! It seemed a good idea to follow the music and the roars of laughter! And as predicted, we walked into the grooms den which was full of life and banter! Jokes flying across the room and no time for nerves or going over speeches. It was clear these boys go back a long way. Describing Pieter, or otherwise known as “Ploffie”, they mentioned he is a solid man who is always there for his friends and knows better than anyone how to make a good braai.

One of the many moments during the evening celebrations was when the bride’s sister spoke, describing everyone’s love for Julia. We all know that lovely Pooh & Piglet quote that goes like this: Piglet: “How do you spell love? ” Pooh: ” You don’t spell it, you feel it”. There were many beautiful moments during the evening. Some emotional, some hilarious. With the help of some classic Afrikaans “treffers” the dance floor was alive with impressive moves. Needless to say it was inevitable that at least one person’s trousers would split! It was a festive party that carried on well into the morning! As a good wedding should! Young and old partying together to celebrate two awesome people’s marriage!

Pieter and Julia I wish you well in this new chapter of your lives! I cannot say how absolutely AMAZING it has been to work with you! You both deserve a lifetime of happiness and flippen amazing experiences! I truly LOVED photographing your wedding and can honestly say it didn’t feel like work for one second because I was laughing and smiling may way through the entire day! You guys are simply awesome! Thank you so much for choosing Anja Meyer Photography to capture your day!

Hair by: Caryn from Craik Spears Cascades http://www.craikspeirs.co.za/branch-cascades-crescent.php
Make Up by: Tony James https://www.facebook.com/people/Tony-James/100004474364801
Dress by: Maryke Schroeder from Wedding Dresses by Maryke https://www.facebook.com/weddingdressesbymaryke/
Grooms Suit by: Suit Yourself http://www.suityourself.co.za
Flowers & Decor by: Midlands Style & Events http://www.midlandsstyleevents.co.za
DJ: Jarryd Sunkel from KZN Wedding DJ http://www.kznweddingdj.co.za/dj-jarryd-sunkel-kzn-wedding-dj-durban/
Cake by: Granny Mouse http://grannymouse.co.za