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  • Joyful Jozi Wedding

  • David and Fiona's story began a few years back in London-Town. Good old London! Fiona and I were house mates in this crazy, eccentric, cold, energetic, exciting city and as is typical for us foreigners there, we tend to move around a lot...(although it's never too far from the SW19-ish area). So as [...]
  • Wedding Bells at Rainfarm

  • Not many couples have a story like that of Jeff & Tanya. They met in the warm coastal town of Ballito during the festivities of Matric Rage and years later, just 15 minutes away from where they first met, they walked down the isle to start the rest of their lives together. Even though years have[...]
  • Milln Family Fun

  • On a chilly winters morning I got to photograph this lovely family! As I walked up to them, little Christian gave me the biggest smile. He hadn’t met me before, yet he dished out a smile as if he knew me. He had a ball with his mommy, granny and grandpa in the park. He played with sticks, sat in[...]
  • Avi & Sarisha's Festive Netherwood Wedding

  • When I met up with Sarisha over a cup of coffee at the Pavillion, we spoke about everything under the sun … from Zuma years to … oh yes, Weddings! We nattered away. She had such great ideas for her wedding and I loved the vision she had for their special day. The flowers and set-up were done by the [...]
  • Avi & Sarisha's Wedding - Hurdee

  • Avi's Hurdee took place in Westville on the Friday before their Netherwood wedding. Many people gathered together for this special event-some had travelled from far. It was a great occasion and the hall was buzzing with laughter and conversation as people enjoyed the celebrations. It was lovely to s[...]
  • Avi & Sarisha's Wedding - The Mendi

  • One of the reasons I love my job so much is that I get to visit amazing places, photograph beautiful things and meet truly wonderful people. Avi and Sarisha's wedding was a joy to photograph for many reasons. But for me, the best part was that I got to spend three days with this wonderful couple an[...]
  • Meet Catalina

  • Catalina entered the world on 6 May 2015. Finally mom and dad's long wait was over. When I got to photograph her she was a 7-day-old little munchkin. I left Umhlanga early and arrived in chilly Greytown with my car full of newborn goodies. I think Tessa & Neale thought I was moving in! Their lounge [...]
Jackson 4
  • Jackson 4

  • The Jackson Family were such a delight to photograph. So much so that we lost track of time and ended up almost being locked up in the Botanical Gardens! But when you see these cute kids you will understand why. I mean look at them! With a fun dad like Ant and a loving mom like Tracey it’s easy to[...]