Joyful Jozi Wedding

David and Fiona’s story began a few years back in London-Town. Good old London! Fiona and I were house mates in this crazy, eccentric, cold, energetic, exciting city and as is typical for us foreigners there, we tend to move around a lot…(although it’s never too far from the SW19-ish area). So as our lovely digs came to a close, it was time for us all to move along on our merry little way into a fresh, new digs. This is where David came into the picture. I remember Fiona said she was moving into a digs with some Saffa boys and it wasn’t long before the South Africanisms crept into her Aussie vocabulary. Who knew that years later, on the 22nd of August, they would walk down the isle and say their “I-do’s” in the gorgeous St Luke’s Anglican Church in Johannesburg, South Africa.

Days before their big day, their nearest and dearest gathered from all corners of the world (and I literally mean all corners!) to take part in David & Fiona’s wedding festivities. It was beautiful to see how many people had taken the journey to South Africa for this (what some people called) “wedding festival”! Others flew in just for the weekend because they just HAD to be there. Don’t you think this speaks volumes for David and Fiona’s awesomeness?! Fee loves children so it didn’t surprise me that she had an entourage of little flower girls and page boys by her side and they were only too happy to be there.

After the formalities, guests enjoyed cappuccino’s from the cappuccino van parked in the lawns of the gorgeous church garden. Cute little kiddies were scattered all over the lawn eating cup cakes decorated with brides and grooms. Such fun! But, soon the heaven’s started rumbling and the skies darkened and we were quickly reminded of where we were! In Johannesburg – where a beautiful, hot, sunny day can quickly turn into a stormy scene. So off we dashed to snap a few pics with the groom and bride and their entourage. Then the droplets came. Umbrellas were out. We braved just a few more shots and just as we decided we should call it a day, the heavens opened!

They chose the beautiful Hyatt Regency Hotel in Rosebank for their reception and together with the company “A Vintage Affair”, the venue was transformed into a gorgeous wedding reception with touches of their personality everywhere. The cake was made by Fiona’s dear friend Nikki from Nikki’s Kitchen. Nikki had flown in the day before, unpacked her cake tins from her suitcase and started working her magic right away. Fiona made sure that there were activities for young and old alike so that there was no chance for boredom. A true teacher! One of the highlights was the “I spy with my little eye” disposable cameras on the tables. Family and friends were encouraged to photograph things on a list that their “little eye spies”! It was truly fascinating to see little children want to use a disposable camera like an iPhone or a digital camera. Somehow they didn’t really believe it was a camera because you couldn’t see the image on a screen instantly. But then there was the super fun photo booth which allowed you to instantly print your images and write a special note to the couple next to your image.

People laughed, cried, danced and ate till late into the night. Heels were kicked off as everyone grabbed a pair of the slops (or “thongs” for the aussies!) which Fee had strategically placed on the dance floor. Elvis even visited the party for a while! This wedding was certainly one festive, happy party! David & Fiona you did such a stunning job at planning a wedding form abroad. It was special, personal and people clearly had so much fun! I wish you a whole lifetime that is a festive,happy party! You deserve it! I wish you well and thank you so much for allowing me to capture your moments!

Groomsmen 7 Groom's suits by: EUROSUIT
Make-up & Hair by: NUANCE HAIR SALON
Flowers & Decor by: A VINTAGE AFFAIR