Robin and Kate’s Camelot Wedding

These two beautiful people tied the knot at Camelot, a venue so perfectly suited for Robin and Kate. From our first meeting it was clear this was going to be a fabulous wedding.
I loved how carefully they considered each aspect of their special day. I loved how they knew what they wanted their day to look like and the end result was gorgeous. Personal. Unique. Them!
Most of all, I was intrigued by their story. Not many couples can say that they met when they were in nappies. However it wasn’t a simple story of “we’ve known each other our whole lives”. Life happened and they were both on their own individual journeys. Years went by and every now and then their paths crossed (sometimes unknowingly)! But one day, when the timing was JUST PERFECT, they actually “met”. What an amazing thought – maybe you’ve met your husband or wife already… at your first or second birthday … and you don’t even know it! Maybe years will go by and one day you meet them an realise “Hey, wait a minute… ”
So on 16 April 2016 we all got to see how beautiful life can be: on a big screen you have a photo of 2 toddlers at a kids birthday party. Turn your head to the left of the big screen and you have those two toddlers now husband and wife who can’t wait to spend the rest of their lives together! *Sigh*

The evening was filled with laughs and tears and even a song performed by the groom to his beautiful wife. No one could resist the dance floor after the bridal party opened the floor with their amazing display of dance moves! This is the part at a wedding where I have a permanent smile on my face behind that camera of mine! I love how people let loose and kick off their shoes to really get into it. This wedding was no different.

Robin and Kate, may the festivities continue well into your marriage. Thank you for being SUCH fun to be around. Thank you for the laughs, it was an absolute pleasure. But most of all thank you for allowing me to capture this part of your story. I wish you well and hope your journey TOGETHER is an amazing one!

Venue: Greensleeves at Camelot
Flowers: Greensleeves at Camelot
Cake: Designer Cakes
DJ: Steven Heyns from The Wedding DJ