I’m excited to say the blog has returned! In the craziness of life over the last while I have totally neglected this lovely little space called “My Blog”. I love sharing where my photography takes me and photographing these gorgeous teen sisters from Oklahoma, USA is a suitable start!

This is Mossel Bay! Holiday makers from far and wide flock here and it’s not surprising as this little place has character, charm and such natural beauty. The beaches are gorgeous and the ocean is so clear and blue you just can’t resist a swim! (Although this comes with a warning for Durbanites… you will need to be a little brave when putting your big toe into the cold ocean on this side of the world!). There is also a quirky coffee shop called “The Blue Shed” which may just have to be the location of my next photo shoot in Mossel bay! Scenic hikes along the cliffs are also a must and you will be blown away by South Africa’s gorgeous, dramatic, rocky coastline!

This late afternoon shoot with Hannah & Grace was such a treat for so many reasons! The light and mother nature put on an absolutely gorgeous show! We had to work quickly to still catch the last few rays of the sunshine before it disappeared into the distance. These sisters had just a few days left of their South African holiday and much of my time with them was spent talking about “South Africanisms”. If you were to ask Hannah or Grace to choose one thing which South African’s say ALOT, they would both, without hesitation, say “Shame”, “ag shame” and “shame man!” Also a phrase that stuck in their mind was “There’s it!” – this thanks to an overkill of Suselle DIY video’s! I think they still watch them on the other end of the globe!? I mean who doesn’t want to learn “How to pimp your back pack”?!

So there’s it! … My 1st blog of 2016 and the first blog of many more to come! Have a fab day everyone!