Chesney & Ingrid’s Countryside Wedding

I was so thrilled when Ingrid asked if I would photograph their wedding! I have known Ingrid and the Cockburn family most of my life and to be able to capture special moments of love and emotion and happiness at a wedding of people you’ve grown up with, is something you don’t get to do very often! I drive down the road towards the Wembley Dam and arrive at Twist Farm where I am met with familiar, friendly, happy faces all over. This farm home is buzzing with nervous excitement and little busy worker bees all over doing their finishing touches. I walk into the lounge and see Kevin, the bride’s dad, rushing off to do one last task! Kevin – a man of many talents – once made a rhino head which I had to wear during a school play in class 2! Yes, … don’t laugh… I was a rhino in the school play!!!
I walk into the office and there is Stella, the bride’s mum. Stella taught me every Zulu word I know! (Including “Don’t steal the milk!!”…which I will not write in Zulu for fear of spelling it incorrectly!). She’s rushing, but excited and beaming! I walk upstairs and follow the sound of lots of girly laughter and there is the beautiful bride and some of her entourage. I LOVE LOVE LOVE the nervous excitement in the room of a bride getting ready for her wedding! It is filled with such a variety of emotions. I walk outside and see ladies from the community prepping for the evening feast. I say my quick hello’s and head off to photograph the marquee which had been decorated with so much love and attention to detail. It felt homely with a farm-style/country theme and had little personal touches everywhere… flowers from the fields and garden, cake made by the bride herself, cute jars of jam for guests to take home and hay bales to chill on once the dancing got too much!
Chesney and Ingrid chose to have their reception on the farm in Greytown where Ingrid grew up and they said their “I do’s” in the historic Hermannsburg Church in the small German village where Ingrid went to school. Their story began in Grahamstown. Rumour has it she frequented many of his digs parties and cricket matches. So…here we are… 6 years later… Friends and family from Hermannsburg to Ireland gathered to witness this beautiful occasion. Both Chesney and Ingrid are warm, friendly, fun people who value their family and friends dearly. With so much love in one room, you are sure to have a festive, beautiful occasion and it certainly was! The food was truly delicious. The speeches were heartfelt and humorous. The dancing was energetic and uninhibited. And when I packed my bags to go home, the night was only getting started! I wish I could have stayed on to photograph the fun and laughter. Chesney and Ingrid, sending you so much joy and happiness! Thank you for choosing me to capture your special moments! I had a blast and it was a real treat and highlight to photograph your wedding. Thank you!