Avi & Sarisha’s Festive Netherwood Wedding

When I met up with Sarisha over a cup of coffee at the Pavillion, we spoke about everything under the sun … from Zuma years to … oh yes, Weddings! We nattered away. She had such great ideas for her wedding and I loved the vision she had for their special day. The flowers and set-up were done by the amazing Labola team. Some of the décor (placemats, cocktail decor, favours etc) were made by Sarisha (and probably Avi too??) as well as the programmes …all while both worked crazy hours as Doctors. A super-couple if you ask me! The gorgeous venue they fell in love with was Netherwood in the KwaZulu-Natal Midlands. As you wind your way down the farm road towards the lodge, you’re met with Zebras, cows, lakes and gorgeous vistas.

The couple and their family got up early and made their way to the countryside for their day of festivities, laughter, tears, dancing, family and friends. Sarisha had her glam squad who made her look absolutely gorgeous (Hair was by Veruna Ahir and makeup by Denisha Haridas). While girls were being girly, the men ran around making sure last minute things were done to the T. Guests could look forward to lawn games, cards, board games, photo booths, great snacks and lovely wedding favours on the front lawn. Inside the venue finishing touches were being made to the cake. The kitchen was buzzing with Maharaj Caterers, glasses were being polished and vendors were packing up their bits and pieces.

A stone’s throw away, excitement mounted as it was getting closer and closer to the moment they had planned for so long. The moment they would officially join their lives. The moment they would remember forever. Sarisha wore a breathtaking dress by Mode. with such intricate details that every time you looked at it you found new bead work and new patterns you hadn’t seen before. Avi looked smart in his outfit by Savera and also wore a smile from ear to ear.

The ceremony took place on a hill and the glass walls allowed for guests to enjoy the views while the wedding unfolded. Through the smiles and tears of joy this couple became Mr & Mrs.

Their playful side made taking their pictures a joy! They were ready to have fun! In heels and all Sarisha negotiated the tall grass and rocky roads with her new husband by her side. And as the light faded and the cows ran away, we headed back to start the evening festivities.

I’m sure if you asked guests what the higlights of the wedding were, it would be a combination of the beautiful setting in which this wedding took place, heart-felt speeches from their nearest and dearest, Avi’s hidden talent as a singer, their opening dance and last but not least a good party helped along by Deon Chetty and his DJ team!

Avi and Sarisha you were an absolute pleasure to work with and I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for choosing me to photograph your special day! I loved meeting your families and I love how warm, fun and dynamic you are as a couple. I hope our paths cross again! I wish you so much happiness as you start this beautiful journey together!

Second shooter Elana Schilz