Home means different things to different people. We all have memories of the homes we grew up in. When I was asked to do this project – to capture this home – I was thrilled. Thrilled for many reasons. I love beautiful homes, home decor magazines, interior decorating… all of that sort of thing. I also love photographing and working with this beautiful family. But…. I also love this home.
Before I got to know Alexandra and her family, I had spent some of my early childhood here. While I didn’t grow up in this home, I have fond memories of this home. The large wooden staircase provided hours of fun and entertainment as we threw ourselves down it on mattresses and sleeping bags. Safety? Whats that?! As a child I remember there was an “outside room” where we got to sleep outside on the balcony on a big double bed. Can’t say that it provided the best conditions for a deep sleep and a good night’s rest! But it was very exciting and novel! We stayed up late, watched the moon and stars and talked for ages…
A wedding was held in the beautiful garden. My friend and I felt so pretty in our little flower girl dresses.

Life goes in circles! If walls could talk, they would tell you how a lovely family lived here and how sad they were to move out of this place they called home. These walls would tell you how another lovely family moved in and made it their home. These walls would tell you how bit by bit each family makes it “theirs” and adds their uniqueness and charm to the empty shell. Years and years later, I return. An adult. To capture lovely memories of a lovely family in this lovely home, completing the circle.