I’m a lifestyle, family & wedding photographer based in Umhlanga near Durban in South Africa. There is perfect beauty within the craziness of life. I find it. I capture it. I love it.

My experience as a family & wedding photographer was born whilst exploring the globe. It goes without saying that I’m a lover of photography. But I am also a lover of the ocean, cities, my home, my family, my friends and travelling to distant places. Few things beat arriving in Florence, New York or London and meandering the streets to capture how the locals there do life.

I love capturing real emotion & those unscripted moments. That’s life right there. Whether it’s love, tears or laughter... its real. This style of photography exposes the human heart which everyone can relate to. But ultimately my style is your style so discuss your preferences with me and we'll make it happen. I hope to capture your life moments some time soon.

Thanks for stopping by!